Jon R. Marstrander, Ph.D., P.E.
5300 Meadow Brook Road, Birmingham, AL 35242
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Hardware Design Expertise:
  Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA),
Digital Signal Processing Hardware,
Analog Interface and Signal Processing Circuitry,
Low-Power and Power-Managed Systems,
Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Systems,
Video Acquisition and Display, Image Processing, and Graphics Generation.

Software Design Expertise:
  Low-Level Programming and Hardware Control,
Embedded Systems,
Device Drivers,
Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing,
Algorithm Design and Implementation,
Servo Control Algorithms.

Computer Language Fluency:
  VHDL, Verilog, and proprietary HDLs
C / C++, and other languages
Assembly Languages for many Intel, Motorola,
    Texas Instruments and ARM core processors
UNIX Shell scripting

Applications of Major Projects as a consulting Engineer:
  Image Processing,
Instrumentation and Data Acquisition,
Communications Networking,
Automatic Target Recognition,
Video Tracking,
Graphics Generation,
Production Testing Equipment,
Medical Instrumentation,
Document Scanning.

Courses Taught as Faculty in Electrical Engineering:
  EE 210: Digital Logic
EE 233: Programming Data Structures in C
EE 300: Probability and Statistics, Complex Variables, Linear Algebra
EE 312/314/316: Electrical Circuits and Networks
EE 318: Signals and Systems (Signal Processing, Fourier and Z Transforms, etc.)
EE 337: Microprocessors (Embedded Systems, Machine Language, I/O Interfacing)
EE 421: Communications Systems (Radio Modulation Theory)
EE 423/523: Digital Signal Processing
EE 452/552: VHDL and FPGA design
EE 497: Bachelor's Team Design Project
EE 622/722: Advanced Communications Theory (Modulation and Noise)
EE 624/724: Digital Communications Theory
EE 625/725: Information Theory and Coding
EE 626/726: Digital Image Processing
EE 697: Master's Design Project

Academic Research Performed:
  Brain Imaging Research:
Brain Image Analysis has been a primary focus of research while at UAB. Research has been performed in conjunction with Neurologists and Neurosurgeons who specialize in a variety of brain diseases. Most of this work has been associated with research into Parkinson's Disease.

Many different types of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) modalities were used, including Structural, Functional, and Diffusion Tensor Imaging. A wide variety of software packages were used, along with custom-written software to analyze brain images and extract statistical measures related to disease diagnosis and progression.

Ph.D. research was conducted in association with this research. Various modalities of MRI Images were analyzed using custom software written and executed on UAB's supercomputer, Cheaha. The software analyzed directional, morphological changes in brain structures. Structural imaging was used to generate non-linear deformation vector fields, which were merged with Diffusion Tensor Imaging to measure directional atrophy. Extensive statistical processing was performed to measure the significance of measured changes.

Other Research:
Stethoscope sensitivity and frequency response in association with respiratory therapists.
Optical vehicle location for Alabama Department of Transportation to assist with the measurement of bridge structural integrity.

Work History:
  2005-present - The University of Alabama at Birmingham
         Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering
1994-2004 - Consulting Electrical Engineer
         Most firms have required a non-disclosure agreement which
         prevents disclosure of either the employer or the specific project
         The nature of the work performed is indicated above
1988-1994 - Southern Research Technologies, Electro-Optics, Inc.
         Research Engineer

  2020 - Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
         The University of Alabama at Birmingham
         Dissertation Research in Morphological Analysis of MRI Brain Images
1987 - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
         The University of Alabama at Birmingham
         Specialization in Communication Systems
1985 - Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
         The University of Alabama at Birmingham
         Specialization in Digital Systems

Professional Registration:
  Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of Alabama since 1992.  

Other Certifications and Licenses:
  FCC Commercial: PG - General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL)
FCC Commercial: Ship Radar Endorsement

  Available upon Request.  

Updated: April 5, 2024