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ABET Accreditation

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ABET Accreditation

  UAB's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has several forms of Accreditation.

The whole university is accredited by SACS: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

In addition, the undergraduate degree program in Electrical Engineering is accredited by the ABET: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

ABET accreditation of your Engineering degree is very important for your education and future career as an Engineer.

ABET accreditation helps to ensure that you receive a high-quality education. To maintain accreditation, your department must submit to external auditing on a periodic basis to verify the quality of the degree program. The faculty of an accredited program must do a significant amount of work to prepare the accreditation documents, and to maintain records for the accreditation process. The overall program objectives are vetted, and the content and quality of each course is evaluated. The course materials, and work products submitted by individual students are inspected to ensure that graduates have demonstrated educational achievement of a sufficient scope and quality.

After graduation, it is important to be able to state that your Engineering degree is accredited. This lets potential employers know that you have received an education that meets international standards. Even if they have not heard of your particular university, the stamp of ABET accreditation lets them know that your degree represents a high-quality education and did not come from a "diploma mill."

Additionally, earning an ABET-accredited degree is the first step towards earning a registration as a Professional Engineer (P.E.) .

I STRONGLY encourage all students to pursue becoming registered as a P.E. Please see my page on this topic . . This registration is a requirement to be eligible to perform certain jobs. Even if you do not pursue a career that requires registration, the fact that you are registered will serve as an indicator of your seriousness about your profession, and your commitment to the quality of your work.


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